The club started in February 1999 when we formally registered with TAMBA.

hcetc_portrait_006In the months before, several pregnant women from Highgate, Crouch End and Muswell Hill had gathered for mutual support. We had met at yoga and NCT classes where teachers noticed an increase in the numbers of multiple mums and thoughtfully put us in touch with each other.

As one by one we gave birth to our twins, we recognised the benefits of a support network. There was no other local provision specifically for women and their partners as they anticipated the birth, and subsequent raising, of more than one baby at once.

hcetc_portrait_002Even at hospitals the information was seldom relevant. Soon it dawned on us that we were now the best authorities on our experience and that, just as we had benefitted so much from one another’s information and support, it should be available to a wider group.

Over fifteen years later we are still a lively community of multiples families who support each other in many different ways.

hcetc_portrait_009The club is run by members who volunteer to take on roles from membership secretary to coffee morning co-ordinator. As our twins grow up, there are always vacancies for newer members to takeover.

Members are encouraged to host events from twin mum drinks toget togethers or nearly new sales and new ideas for the club are always welcomed.

If you are a parent of twins or higher order multiples, or are about to embark on that exciting journey, whether you are a first time parent or not, do join our little group. More information on our Join page.