Pay here for 1 April 2019–31 March 2020 Membership or Renewals.

hcetc_quote1Benefits of Full Membership

  • Inclusion on our email list with details of all events
  • Pregnant & new parent get togethers
  • Fortnightly baby and toddler group at St Michaels, Highgate
  • Children’s parties at Christmas and in summer
  • Twin gear wanted and for sale ads
  • Private Facebook group
  • Social events such as drinks for twin mums and dads
  • Access to NCT TAMBA registered breastfeeding peer supporter
  • Occasional courses such as First Aid and Multiples Parenting

Why join us?

By becoming a member of Highgate and Crouch End Twins club you have access to a range of support from people who have been there and know the reality of parenting twins. They won’t regurgitate what the latest parenting book suggests but give you proper tried and tested ideas and advice.hcetc_portrait_001

When you join you are automatically added into our closed Facebook group where you can post questions—or answer them. Anything from advice about which double buggy to buy, what children groups are happening locally and that are possible with two (or more) children in tow, how much a night nurse costs or how to bath two children at once by yourself when your partner is still at work.

hcetc_portrait_007The fortnightly twin meet up is great for getting to know local parents who understand the unique challenges and joys that come with multiples. Carol Wood, who runs this regular meet up is part of a team of NCT accredited peer supporters who have all breastfed twins and can offer mother-to-mother information and support to families who wish to breastfeed their twins, triplets or higher multiples. She can help you through your breastfeeding journey via text, email, phone or face-to-face during the toddler group – all free of charge.

You will also be added to the list to receive a monthly buy and sell email. This is great for buying those twin essentials and drastically reducing the inevitable costs that come with having multiples. It also means as your little ones grow out of stuff you can pass it on to other parents, decluttering and making a bit of money in exchange. You also know that everything being sold is local so you won’t have to factor in long journeys to collect equipment as you might when buying from other sites.

Membership fees

Full Membership

  • £20 for under 4s (at 31 March 2019). New members joining later in the year pay per quarter.
  • £10 renewal for over 4s (at 31 March 2019).
  • £5 Concessionary rate for those on low income or benefits. [£2.50 for those joining July—March]

Staying In Touch Membership

hcetc_portrait_004£5. For those with twins over 4 (or whose twins are younger but are moving away) who want to stay connected to the club. You will only receive occasional emails with newsletters and invitations to mum and dad drinks plus the children’s parties (you can also stay in the Facebook group).